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Doepfer a-147 VCLFO

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Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator


Module A-147 (VCLFO) is a voltage controlled low frequency oscillator, which can produce cyclical control voltages over a frequency range of about 50Hz to 1 minute periode time (i.e. about 0.015 Hz) with the manual control. Using an external control voltage the max. frequency is about 150Hz. The VCLFO can be patched as a modulation source similar to the other LFOs A-145 and A-146 for a wide range of modules (for instance, modulation of VCO pulse-width or frequency, VCF cut-off frequency, VCA amplitude modulation) and as a provider of repetitive or clock voltages (for instance to drive the A-161 clock sequencer). In contrast to A-145 and A-146 the frequency of the A-147 is voltage controlled. Four waveforms are available: triangle, sine, square, and falling sawtooth waves. The VCLFO's frequency can be controlled by hand, but also by voltage control. You can sync the VCLFO to another waveform by connecting the other waveform (eg another LFO) to the VCLFO's reset input.

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